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Monday, February 23, 2009

How to Get Free ESET NOD32 Antivirus Key And Password

Different antivirus software are used to protect our PC form virus. They aren't free. We have to spent some money. But here I will tell you one best antvirus name "NOD32" and also tell you the secret tactics for getting it freely. Moreover, you can use it as like a professional user. All professional options will also be available. Don't you believe? Just follow the following 3 steps and see what you can find:

[ is now providing all the published keys (usernames + passwords) of NOD3 by taking proper permisission from You can find all the lateset keys (usernames + passwords) directly by following the link of Free ESET NOD32 keys]

Why use ESET NOD32:

I used several antivirus software. But "ESET NOD32", is the best one. I used it because I can get the valid username and password and find it as like a professional user. ESET NOD32 is becoming one of the best pieces of antivirus software in the world. Some features of ESET NOD32 are:
  • Provides effective antivirus protection.
  • Requires less space to install and run.
  • Scanning speed is very fast.
  • Very simple and easy to install, configure and scan.
  • NOD32 is smart enough to recognize malicious code before the signature is available.
  • Updates are automatic and requires less time.
  • Provides extensive, context-sensitive supports to the user.

Steps for getting free ESET NOD32:

Follow the following three steps for getting the best antivirus software free:

Step 01: Download and install NOD32

Go and select "Free 30-day Trial" tab and download the trial version of the antivirus software. After finished downloading, install ESET NOD32.

Step 02: Get "Username" and "Password"

"" and you will see a page with latest "username" and "password".

Notes: This blog provides valid username and password. They are free. So, after some days, if your uername and password is blocked, then go to the blog again for latest valid username and password.]

Step 03: ESET NOD32's "Username" and "Password" updating

  1. Open "ESET NOD32" (by double clicking from the bottom right of your desktop) and select "Update" and then select "Username nad Password Setup..." options.
  2. Copy "Username" and "Passowrd" from and paste to "License details". Here put the "username" and "password" and click "OK" lastly.
  3. Now click "Update virus signature database" and you will see Update successfully finished.

The above procedure is enough to use ESET NOD32 antivirus freely. Now, think what the best you are getting freely. I think you will use it and enjoy. Goodbye.... Don't forget to put your opnions, if it works.... :)

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  1. it's very use full for manny users and those who are using the systtem and laptop in many places, any way pls sent mmany keys to my e-mail id "",thanks

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