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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blogger Template Structure

Designing and creating of blogger template is very easy. But before doing that you have to know about blogger template structure. Blogger template is made of small components. Generally each component is termed or referred as block. There are several types of block and the blocks are created for based on different types of functionalists.

Blogger template varies. There is no predefined structure of blogger template. Blogger use several blocks or modules as their requirements. But every blog has a body and at least three wrappers such as header-wrapper, content-wrapper and footer-wrapper.

The blogger template could be made of with the followings blocks or modules:

Body: The screen which we see i.e. the entire screen of the template is referred as template’s body. All types of blocks are situated on the body. The body is the placeholder of any types of blocks.

Outer wrapper: It’s on the body and cut the body’s area into several areas. Generally, it divides the whole area into three major parts. They outer wrapper divides the area into the following three wrapper parts: header wrapper, content wrapper and footer wrapper.

Header Wrapper: At the top of the blogger template is known as header wrapper. A header contains basically the header of the blogger. But modern template can contains the following things also:

  • Blog Title: It's the title of the blog. Most often, it's the blog name;
  • Blog Description: Below the blog title, there is a short description part. It describe the blogs content description very shortly but summarized.
  • Header Image: If anyone wish, he or she can also add a header image also. It's optional.
  • Other Widgets: Moreover, you can also add AdSense ads, RSS feed icon, blog menu etc. as your own wish. All these blocks are optional.

Content Wrapper: Content wrapper an important part of your blog. It contains many things. It's position is below the header. Content wrapper can be divided the whole area into several parts, such as, sidebars, post parts etc. Some of the blocks description are presented below:
  • Main Wrapper: Main wrapper is the most important part of the content wrapper. It contains posts and sometimes ads etc.
  • Posts: The actual content of any blogger is published here. The posts part also contains levels, comments, date, time, ads etc.
  • Sidebars: Generally, besides the main wrapper there are side bars. The actual no of sidebars depend of the blogger. You may add 1, 2, 3 sidebars.

Footer Wrapper: At the bottom of the blogger template, there is a part which is referred as footer wrapper. Most often, it's the footer of your blog. It may contains, several things. If you want to add several things, you need to subdivide like the header. You may also put several contents like RSS feed, copyright information, blogs' owner, AdSense code etc.

Structure of blogger template

Hierarchy of Blogger Template Structure:

The hierarchy of blogger template structure can be defined by the following way:

  • Body
    • Outer-wrapper
      • Header-wrapper
        • Blog Title
        • Blog Description
        • Header Image
        • Other widgets [like RSS, Ads etc.]
      • Content-wrapper
        • Sidebar-wrapper
        • Main-wrapper
          • Date Header
          • Posts
          • Post Title
          • Post Content
          • Author
          • Labels
          • Comments
          • Feed Link
        • Other widgets [like RSS, Ads etc.]
      • Footer-wrapper
        • Footer text
        • Other widgets [like RSS, Ads etc.]