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Saturday, January 17, 2009

How to remove or uninstall AVG?

How to remove AVG? How to uninstall AVG? These types of brain storming questions arising when you can't remove or uninstall AVG anti-virus at-any-cost. AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition, a the best free anti-virus program by Grisoft. But sometimes it must need to remove or uninstall from your PC. But you can't do it normally by applying traditional un-installation process. If you fall this group, then keep reading and apply step by step. It must removed. But do it stepwise. Oh, one thing, do you know "Why AVG is not uninstall normally?" Probably not. This page give you the total solution.

What is AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition?

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is a best free anti-virus by Grisoft. It can provide basic anitviurs and antispyware protection for windows. It is also very helpful for real-time protection from poisoned web pages.

Why you need to remove or uninstall AVG Anti-Virus?

You need to remove or uninstall AVG antivirus for several causes. Some of the causes are given below:
  • If your AVG is became a corrupted virus signatures, it's funcitonality goes down and you need to remove it.
  • Because corrupted virus signatures have caused it not to update properly or it would not start properly. Then it it needs to be reinstalled.
  • Moreover, if you install a new email client after AVG, you'll need to uninstall it and reinstall it so this email program is protected. Otherwise, your email will not be protected.
  • Moreover, if you want to install other anti-virus software, you also need to uninstall it.
Why AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition can't remove or uninstall?

The main reason behind this is that at the installation time, no uninstall utility is installed. So, how dare you to uninstall that? But soon you will learn the way to uninstall or remove it from your PC easily.

How to remove or uninstall AVG ?

Here I will mention several methods. Guys apply them step-by-step. Try them from the first. Not last.

Method 01:

  1. Download AVG Remover Tool tool from
  2. After downloading, run it by double clicking.
  3. When finished, restart your pc and check whether it exists or gone (I mean remove or uninstall).
  4. If gone then smile. Otherwise, apply "method 02".
Method 02:
  1. Download AVG antivirus to your desktop from Download AVG Antiviurs.
  2. Double-click on the downloaded file to run it, when it finished downloading.
  3. At the time of installation, when it gives options like (Add/Remove Components, Repair installation and Uninstall), choose Uninstall from them.
  4. After the completion of uninstallation, restart your computer.
  5. Hopefully, it removes and smile now. Ok, if not follow "Method 03".
Method 03:
  1. Go to Start -> Run.
  2. Type regedit and hit Enter key.
  3. Navigate the following location:
    2. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\AVG8Uninstall
  4. Right click on AVG and AVG8Uninstall respectively, and select Delete to remove the AVG related registry keys.
  5. Now, I think your problem is totally solved. Not last step, go to "Method 04".
Method 04:
  1. Download AVG antivirus to your desktop from Download AVG Antiviurs and install it.
  2. Next download Revo Uninstaller and install it.
  3. Now run Revo Uninstaller and remove AVG.
  4. Sounds great!! I think you success to remove AVG.
Dear guys, I must have successfully remove or uninstall AVG from your PC. If you still face problem then give a comment, I will try to reply you. Moreover, if you success, don't forget to tell others this great site's talk...

Remove AVG and Enjoy !!

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  1. I tried method 3 and it works!! im AVG free!! hahaha! thankz!!


  3. I have Windows Vista, and have tries all four methods and none of them work. Help!

  4. Which type of problems are you facing? Don't you uninstall or have any error message?

    Plz look your installed directory and if it has AVG folder then delete that.

  5. ...omg i hate avg ...really im offence,,

    i installed it and thaught that it will be nice if my pc had a protection but unfortunatley it just gives u a headache ,,specially when it pops up on your screen almost all the time..i will try your methods and hope that it will work ...ty

  6. Method 2 worked like a charm! Thanks for the advice.

  7. I followed the steps; method 1 failed. During method 2 installation process, after selecting 'uninstall', there was an error message[avgmfx86.sys stopping service...service avgmfx86 failed to progress during stopping at checkpoint 0 {wait hint 10000ms) in 90247 ms.] I clicked OK to proceed anyway. After restart, avg was removed. But I am not sure that error message will give me any problem in future. Would someone with this knowledge advise me please.

  8. i cant install AVG8, Have gone through the steps to uninstall and seems to have removed all traces of the old install, but will not re-install. Here is the error message at the end of the install routine.... stops at that point:

    Local machine: installation failed
    Error: Action failed for registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows: creating registry key....
    Error 0x80070005

  9. If anyone get error message then plz go to the installation location of AVG. Then remove "AVG" folder. I think it works.

  10. You rock! I have been searching all morning for a solution. I used the removal tool and also deleted the folder that was left under Program Files.