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Sunday, January 11, 2009

How to Back-Up Your Blog's Template Design

This page will a good idea about back up your blog's template design.

This Page index:

What is meant by "back-up template design" for blog?

Steps of back up blog's design template.

No technical knowledge is required.
Just 2 steps solution

What is meant by "back-up template design" for blog?

It means taking a back-up your blog's design template, nothing else.

Before editing your blog's template, you always try to keep a back-up of your blog' template..

I suggest that you must take a back up of your blog template. Because you may do mistake at the time of your blog customization. So, later you can easily restore the template form the back-up ones. This page will explain related to back-up your blog's template design.

NOTE: This page revels the process of backing up blog's design. If you need to back up your blog completely (posts + comments) , click here to read. Moreover, if you only need to back up your blog's gadgets, click here to read.

Steps of back up blog's template:

Backing up Blog's template is very easy as 1-2-3. Any ambiguity? Just follow the following steps:

Step 01: After log in to, go to "Dashboard" and then go to "Layout".

Step 2: From the "Layout" tab, select "Edit HTML". Now, click on "Download Full Template" and within few second a downloading window appeared and download it to your desired location.

In this way, you can easily finished the back up procedure of blog's design.

Hope, you enjoy your blogging.

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