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Thursday, January 15, 2009

How to install new templates without loosing any widgets?

Most of the blog owners think that it's not possible to change the blogger template without loosing any widgets. But that's not true. It's possible to do that. Just read this page and apply the techniques. Then you will find your answer and enjoy your new template.

No technical knowledge is required.
Just follow the steps.

Step 1: Save your current template
At first, save your current template. You must do it. If you don't know how to backup current template then go to How to Back-Up Your Blog's Template Design? It's very necessary to backup your template. Because if you don't successful then you can easily recover or get back to your old template world. So, never forget to save your current template before doing all these.

Step 2: Collect your new template and use a text editor
Are you still collect the desired template for your blog? If not, collect it form the internet. Search Google and you will find lots of free templates. If you have already one, no need to search.

Now, you need a text editor. You may use Notepad++. If you don't have, download Notepad++ Installer.exe file. You can use any type of editor also.

Step 3: Open the old template .xml files in the text editor
Open the old template file in Notepad++.

Step 4: Find the widgets code and copy them to a new file
This is the most important part and you have to handle it carefully.
a. First, find <body> tag. Before this tag, you don't need to look anything.
b. Now, remember the following lines:
  • all widgets code begins with <b:widget> and ends with </b:widget>.
  • all widgets code must be located between <b:section> and </b:section> tag.
  • all <b:section>...</b:section> must be located within <div id=...>...... </div>
Look the following example: each color code represent one widgets.

<div id='sidebar-wrapper'>
<b:section class='sidebar' id='sidebar' showaddelement='no'>
<b:widget id='LinkList1' locked='true' title='Linkbar' type='LinkList'> ...
... some additional codes here ...

<b:widget id='HTML1' .....;
<b:widget id='Image1' .....;


c. Remember, we only need widgets code and it begins with <b:widget> and ends with </b:widget> . So, <b:widget>....</b:widget> one block. Find and copy all blocks of code and paste them in a file such as "myWidget.txt". No need to do anything.

Step 5: Open the new template with notepad++
Open the new template file with notepad++.

Step 6: Finding <widget> and pasting in new template
a. First find the <b:section> code.
b. Paste all the text form "myWidget.txt" immediately after <b:section>
c. Save the new template now.

Step 7: Uploading the new template and saving
a. Go to Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML > Browse(give the template location) > Upload.
b. After finished uploading, click SAVE TEMPLATE.

Step 8: Re-arranging all the wedgets
a. Go to Dashboard > Layout > Page Elements
b. Rearrange all the widgets as your own wish by dragging and dropping.
c. At last, click Save and click View to view your blog with new templates.

Are you finished? Yes,.... I think so.

So, is it very hard or difficult .......... ??

What do you think? I think, you will say "It's very easy".

This is the easiest way to keep all the widgets and change the templates. Many blog owner don't do it as they think they might lose their widgets. But if they go in this way, all's are possible. So, if you don't change your blog template, then do just now. It's very easy. One thing, before doing any type of changing don't forget to back up your blog's template.

Hope, you wish your blogging....

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