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Friday, January 2, 2009

Google Search Box

"Google", a very popular term to everybody. Most people use Google basically for search. People type "" in the browser and hit "Enter" key. Later, put some word or words and search through Google. Can Google only do this? Is the search can do a better way? Many people don't know the answer. Actually, Google is not only a search engine for words only but also a secret machine. By using Google, you can search your local time or any city's time, you can find weather information, you can find any book, you can check any word's synonym etc. Moreover, when you are doing search, you can do more effective search by using search in a different way and can get effective results.

In this page, some important and useful things are discussed very shortly. You can make a printout of the tables and can use it for your daily use and can get the best search result.

[A] Basic search through Google Search:

At first, some basic search techniques are given. Most people use these techniques. Now, look the table below:

Search term(s)
Search Results
university pages containing the word "university"
university alberta pages containing the words "university" and "alberta "
alberta or michigan pages containing words either "alberta " or "michigan"
"university of alberta" pages containing the exact phrase "university of alberta"
alberta -students pages containing the word "alberta" but not "students"
alberta students +1st semester pages containing the words "alberta students" with "1st semester"
define:sensor finds the definition of the word "sensor" form the web
pen * pencil searches the words "pen" and "pencil" which are separated by 0,1 or more words

For more details, please click here to go to the Google's help site.

[B] Google Search with some features:

You can search any city's weather information or time or any book's information or the synonym of any word or you can check any word's spelling etc. Look the following examples (please replace the words between "[" and "]"):

Search for Format Example
weather weather [name of the city/country] weather London
time time [name of the city/country] time London
book [name of the book] Harry Porter
synonym ~ [search term(s)] ~first food
package tracking [pakage no] 10047050065F

For more details, click here to go Google's help site.

[C] Use Google Search to convert unit or currency:

Through Google you can convert form one unit to another unit. Moreover, you can easily convert one currency to another currency. You don't need to calculate anything or don't need to the value of any currency. A quick chart to do this is given below:

Conversion type
unit conversion
[your format] in [desired format]
5 feet 10 inches in cm
(Result:177.8 cm)
currency conversion
[your currency] in [desired currency]
100 Euro in USD
(Result:100 Euros = 138.55 U.S. dolllars)

[D] Use Google Search with advanced operators:

You can narrow and specify your search. For example, you need admission information only form site. For this type of cases, you can use the following operators to search:

search form only the mentioned site
search form the cached documents
search from the linked page
related search form the related pages
shows the information of the mentioned page
search within the given no of range
Computer $100...$2000

For more details, click here to go Google's help site.

[D] Use Google Search as a calculator:

You can use Google Search box as a calculator. Just type the math in the search box and hit enter. Then, you can easily get the anser. Addition, substraction, multiplication, division etc. can easily done through this search box. One table is given below to use Google Search Box as a calculator:

do addition
80 + 20
do substraction
80 - 20
do multiplication
80 * 20
do division
80 / 20
raise to the power
2 ^ 3
% of
do percentage of
80% of 95
sqr do square root
sqrt 9

These are the very useful techniques to use Google Search box. Use them to do the best search and save your time.

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