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Monday, January 12, 2009

How to add a customized RSS icon in a blog?

You can easily customize your feed icon with cool and fine design or picture as your own wish. Remember, it's very easy and interesting. This page will tell you the process. Read on...

No technical knowledge is required.
Only 2 steps solution.

This Page index:

How to add a customize RSS icon of your blog?

How to add a customize RSS icon of your blog?

Step 1: After log in, go to "Dashboard", then "Layout" and select "Page Elements". After these, click on "Add a Gadget" and form the lists of gadgets, choose "HTML/JavaScript".

Step 2: Now copy the following code segment to the "Configure HTML/JavaScrip" window and click "Save" button.

<a href="your-feed-url" target="_blank">

<img src="your-image-link" border="0" />


Your Feed URL:
This means the URL of your blog's feed URL. It may be two types: default feed URL and Feedburner feed URL. Anyone you can use.

Default feed looks like the followings:

If you use feed burner feed then just put your feed burner url.

Your RSS Picture URL:
This means the picture URL. The picture must be hosted somewhere in the internet like TinyPic, Flixya, or PhotoBucket.

For example:

For the blog "set123" the url may be followings:
  • feed url :
  • picture url: [it's uploaded in TinyPic]
  • And then, the code will be like the following:

So, the final outlook may like the followings:

Customize RSS Icon : Final output

In this way, you can add your own picture as RSS. I think, you success.

Hope, you enjoy your blogging.

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