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Friday, January 9, 2009

Google Analytics : A step by step tutorial to set up Google Analytics

"Google Analytics" is one of the best products of Google which can track any website's referrals, ads, search engines, email promotions and even offline initiatives. This page provides a short description of the following three things:
  1. What is Google Analytics?
  2. Who can use Google Analytics?
  3. How to setup Google Analytics?
  4. How to view Google Analytics reports?
What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics reveals:
  • How people found any particular website
  • How people surfed it
  • How you can intensify visitor experience
  • and more ...
Furthermore, based on these, anyone can
  • Improve website return on investment
  • Increase conversions
  • In addition, make more money on the web
Who can use Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is absolutely free and anyone can use it. However, to get access and use it, you must have one Google account. If you haven't any Google Account, just make it and go to Google Analytics Page to sign up.

How to setup Google Analytics?

Step 1: Go to and click on "Sigh Up Now" option.

Step 2: Now give your user name and password. {If you don't have any Google Account then create a Goggle account and then do it.}

Step 3: Hit "Sign Up" option to signing up Google Analytics.

Step 4: It's the time to give general information. Put your website's URLl, an account name, time zone country and time zone field and press "Continue". For example, my website is a blog. It's "". So, I will do the followings and press continue:

Step 5: Give your "Contact Information" i.e. your "last name", "first name", "phone number" and "country". After filling all these click "Continue".

Step 6: Agree terms and conditions by clicking the text box. and click "Create New Account".

Step 7: Now, copy the tracking code and install the code (i.e. paste) in your website . (Tracking code is an java script code.)

In this way, anyone can easily set up Google Analytics and can check his or her website or blog strategies.

How to view Google Analytics reports?

It's a very easy process. Just log in to Google Analytics and click "View Report".

Now you will see the report of your desired site with Google Analytics.


After installing the tracking code, you have to wait maximum 24 hours to see the result. To check your website statistic just log in your Google Analytics account and then select the targeted website's report and you will see the report.

For more information, visit Google Analytics help page.

Hope, you will be able to use Google Analytics and improve your site strategies.

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