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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Code structure of blogger template

A blogger template is made of codes. The code of the bog templates vary template to template. But most of the time there is some similarities. All blogs template must have header, content and footer. All these are sited on the body of the template. Whatever, here I want to discuss a very shortly the main important code structure of blogger template. I use "Minima" template for describing it. It's the default template of Blogger. To learn about blogger template structure, click here. "Minima" template can be downloaded freely form your blog. If you don't know to download, click here to download "Minima" template. You need to download it because this tutorials are based on that template. So, download that and learn all things clearly.

Blogger code structure can be divided into three basic sections. They are explained below:

Section 1: Header And Meta Tags Code

Header part is the most important thing of blogger template as it contains lots of valuable information. This section is only about header part. Actually, you don't have to think about this part. You don't need to change anything form here. But if you want to apply SEO for your blog then you have to add some meta tags of this section.

Section 2: Template Design Code

This part resolved template design issues. It is made of CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) code. CSS is one of the code which is used for designing template. Moreover, you have to know HTML. But in this days, you don't need to know all about the web programming code. Most of the things are drag and drop types. However, if you know this, you will do lots of things with your blogger template.

Section 3: Body code

This is the most important part of your code segment. Based on this code, your blog shows everything. It defines all the header, post contents, comments, blog footer, sidebar information and contents etc. If you only post content, then no need to change anything. Otherwise, you have to change it. You may be use ratting or social bookmarking buttons. So, your have to put some code in this section. This type of cases you have to know some coding. But all are very simple. It requires little knowledge. Go on the more deeper of this tutorials and you will find everything to edit the blogger body. When you finished learning then you can add social bookmaking buttons like Digg, AddThis, RSS buttons, Tagfoot Widgets, AdSense codes, Google Analytics codes etc. So, go to the next sections of the tutorials. And soon you will learn them all.

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