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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


What is "tagfoot":

Tagfoot is one of the best social bookmarking, wishlisting & tagging site for tagging, sharing and talking about anything. Anyone can use it as his own wish. For example, you may use it as a music library or as a research house or as a bookmarking place etc.So, tagfoot is the way to store, organize and access web site bookmarks anywhere from any computer. It's totally free.

Why you choose tagfoot?

Tagfoot is now in beta version. But provides a lot of facilities. I want to discuss some of the greatest activities of tagfoot:


This is the most important feature (I feel so). Most people often need to visit several sites everyday. Such as, you like to check you mail or fun websites or your favorite blogs etc. everyday. Then you have to remember the web sites addresses and write them each time to the browser's address bar. Isn't it very time consuming and boring. But the truth is that tagfoot is the solution of this type of cases. Just save the addresses to your tagfoot account. When you logged in, you can be able to access anywhere easily.


You will find a tab like "my wishlist". It's just anyone's personal shopping list. Anyone can build it for their friend's & family's shopping list. There is no limitation to do it. It's really cool and amazing!! You can make wishlist for your friend very easily by using tag.


You will find a tab like "my news". It's for your personal news achieve. Here, you may add your favorite stories or news etc. Moreover, if you write any blog or webpage article, you may also share here. Go to tagfoot and find what's waiting for you. All these things can be shared with your friends or you may also publish "news fee" to your personal blog, twitter, facebook or anywhere that accepts RSS.


There is an option "my pics" which is treated your personal gallary. You can upload your pictures form your computer or from any website url. You may referred this gallery as a virtual image library. Moreover, there is no bindings for sharing your pictures to anyone. You may also apply restiction. It's your own wish.


In "my videos", you can add several videos form any web site. Like virtual image library, it may be your virtual custom radio stations. You may add videos form YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe etc. and watch or listen them easily form your account or form tagfoot "sidefoot".

There are many more stuffs like friends, messages, sidefoot, tubefoot, rssfoot etc. All these will be available if you have an account and use tagfoot.

Tagfoot is still in private beta edition. So, you can't easily make a fee account. You need some referral to create account. I am using tagfoot. I like it and I enjoy it very much. I want to share tagfoot with you. So, if you feel to join to this nobel family "tagfoot" and want to create an account please click here (I give you this referral link because I want to share with my friends as I enjoyed it very much). Hope, you will enjoy tagfoot.

To check my profile page in tagfoot please click here.

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