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Thursday, January 15, 2009

How to change blogger template?

People change blogger template just to new outlook of their blog. But before doing this, don't forget to backup of your existing template. How-to-back-up-your-blog will provide you the instructions to backup your blog.

No technical knowledge is required.
Just follow the instructions.

Note: At first select or download the template, which you want to use as your blogger new template. You can find many types of template (free) by searching Google.

You can change blogger template several ways. But the simplest way is described here:
  1. After logging, click on Dashboard.
  2. Select the blog you want to change template. Click on Layout of the chosen blog.
  3. Now, select Edit HTML.
  4. When Edit html window appears, you will see an option mentioning Choose File. Click on that.
  5. Choose the desired .xml file from and select that and then press the Upload button.
  6. Now press SAVE TEMPLATE to save the new template.
Sometimes, it may ask Delete Some Widgets. So, delete them, Widgets are the extra page elements and you can add them easily later.

Pictorial Explanation:

And that's all, you are now ready to use your new template.

Hope, you enjoy your blogging.

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